Screaming Lunatic

Saturday was a busy day.  I went shopping with a new friend, I napped (pregnancy = exhausted), tried to finish up some Christmas presents (yes I’m late…who is shocked?!), and got a big surprise.  Cole told me that he had to pick up someone from the airport, a guy and his wife who are new to the squadron.  Great!  I’ll stay here, braless in my pjs, mismatched socks, and messy hair and work on some sewing.  Little did I know that Cole is a big fat liar a great husband who had a big surprise in store for me.  While he was gone I thought I heard something and was feeling a little jumpy so when he got home I was a little on edge.  He came upstairs and asked me to come downstairs to show me something.  He knows what effort it takes for me to walk up and down the stairs now so when he requested it I thought it must be important although I was a tad bit annoyed.  When I got down in the kitchen I step in a puddle of water with my mismatched socked feet and got even more annoyed.  Then suddenly Whitney pops her head up from behind the bar and says surprise or something.  I don’t even remember what she said because next thing I know I’m throwing my hands in the air, screaming like a freaking lunatic, and hiding behind Cole lol.  I always see these sweet surprise videos on FB of friends surprising one another and they embrace and sometimes cry but no, I’m the screaming lunatic.  Cole managed to get a bit of it on video but it is so obnoxious with my screaming and my disheveled look that I won’t torture you with it.

Whit is so sweet and decided to come visit and help me with the task of setting up the nursery.  Yesterday we ran some errands and got to ride on a dog sled.  The rest of the week nights will be dedicated to nursery chores and to baking.  I’m so excited to have her here and to spend this time together.  Thank you to Whitney and Cole for making this happen and surprising me so well!

Me & Whit 01/17/16

Me & Whit 01/17/16

Alaskan Huskies pulling our sled

Alaskan Huskies pulling our sled

Whit about to take off on the dog sled

Whit about to take off on the dog sled


One year ago today Cole and I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska.  The place where we would call home for the next four years.  I remember feeling excited and overwhelmed when we arrived.  I knew that this was the next chapter in our lives and I wasn’t sure what it held.  The past year has been fun, adventurous, difficult, happy, sad, and cold.  Mostly just cold though lol.

We’ve gotten to visit amazing and beautiful places in Alaska and there are so many more places to see.  At the same time it has been very difficult when we couldn’t see friends and family during the holidays, when my aunts have been sick, and just this past week when my mom broke her foot.

Honestly, Alaska is a pretty nice place to live.  So many beautiful things to see, so many fun outdoorsy things to do.  If only I could move the state south about 3,000 miles…

Here’s to the next three years and to the many memories that I know Cole and I will make.

P.S. We have a spare bedroom if anyone wants to visit!! 🙂

6357.3 Miles!

6357.3 Miles!

IMG_5142 IMG_5140



My goodness it has been a while.  I’m actually pretty terrible at this blogging thing (not that I thought I would be good at it).  It’s been almost a year (WHAT?!) since our journey to Alaska and I’ve yet to complete the blogs dedicated to our road trip.  It will happen…eventually.  I’m not baking as much this summer so that I can enjoy the long days with Cole and any company we may have and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Incidentally enough, I am decorating cookies right now but thought I would jump on here quickly to say hello and that I haven’t given up on the blog all together.

So here are a few pics of the fun we’ve been having this summer.


Kayaking in Seward with Judy & Mike

me and whit

Celebration dinner with the BFF


Halibut Fishing in Homer


Family pic with the new RV, The Ruff Life!


And how I have been feeling this week…


April in Alaska

April has been a pretty busy month for Cole & I.  We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on April 12th!  We did a whale watching cruise, I traveled to Arkansas to see family and friends, and we were lucky enough to get fantastic photos of one ticked off moose!  Here’s a just a few pics, I would love to upload a hundred more but I picked some of the best ones.  Oh, we also got a fancy new camera and it takes amazing photos.  Hopefully the resolution doesn’t make the upload time of the blog lag too much.  Let me know if it does and I will adjust it. (Also, the photos didn’t upload in order…sorry about that!)

moose 2

Mad moose! You can see the hair standing up on her back. That’s not a good sign for anyone in her pathway.


A pair of orcas


She was bouncing around and charging in the water. It was neat to see but also scary.

Sea Otter 2

A very friendly sea otter

sea lions

Sea lions sunbathing


A dall’s porpoise swimming next to the ship

Dall & Mountain

Dall’s Porpoise

Moose & Mountain

I love this pic with the mountains and the moose

Alaska 4-11-15 1

Seward, AK 04-11-15

Alaska 4-11-15cole 4-26-15bridgett 4-26-15


Merry Christmas from Alaska!

Merry Christmas from the Ackers!

Bridgett & Cole in Front of Tree

This Christmas will be different than others because we aren’t in Arkansas around family and friends.  While this makes me very sad, I hope this will give us the opportunity to create some new, fun traditions for our little family.

Today we had the opportunity to go to a local reindeer farm.  It was so fun getting up close and personal with the reindeer!
Bridgett Feeding Reindeer

Bridgett & ReindeerCole Feeding Reindeer

Cole & Reindeer Reindeer

Dolly the Bison

Dolly the Bison

Ever wondered how to put a tree up and decorate it in one minute and nine seconds??

Christmas Tree

We may be far away but that doesn’t change that you are all in our hearts and thoughts during this Christmastime.  May you all have a merry Christmas with your family and friends, cherishing your time together.


Cole, Bridgett, Duff, & Leo