38 Weeks

Today I got a notification on my phone from The Bump app that said “Congrats on week 38!  Your baby is now the size of pumpkin.”  My thought process:

“Awww…how cute!  Wait!  What?  A pumpkin?!?  That’s freaking huge!”

I also received a text from Cole this morning that said “Holy crap it is March, I’m freaking out!”  Haha so we were both having moments this morning.

According to the app baby girl might already have about an inch of hair, be about 19 inches long or more, and weighing in between 6 to 9 lbs.  She is still gaining that cute baby fat and her brain and nervous system are still fine tuning.  She is running out of room so I’m not feeling her kick as much but she still lets me know she is in there.

As far as I go, I’m feeling ok.  I’m tired most of the time and my back and hips are continuing to hurt.  I’ve also been experiencing some sharp pains in my lower abdomen but they never progressed into contraction-like pains.  My belly is continuing to grow and change every week and I think it is starting to drop.

38  Weeks

38 Weeks

37 Weeks

37 Weeks – I think my bump looks higher and rounder last week

I’m having mixed feelings about her arrival.  I’m so excited to meet her, see her little face, count her tiny fingers and toes, hold her close to me, and get to finally experience being a mom.  BUT…I love having her to myself right now.  While I can’t say I love being pregnant I love feeling her kick from within and watching my belly move and bump around.  I also love looking down and seeing this baby bump. There was a long time when I honestly didn’t think I would ever experience pregnancy and know what it feels to have a tiny human growing inside me.  It is really special to me even though I don’t express that part of pregnancy with people often.  Right now she is giving me gentle nudges in the side, it’s so cool!

I finally finished one project for her, I made her a wonky teddy bear.  I have other projects I want to finish but I’m having issues with my sewing machine ugh.

Knitted Bear

I have been blessed with such wonderful friends showering myself, Cole, and the baby with love and gifts.  I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for that. Of course, I already wrote about the wonderful shower Whit threw us back in November.  Since then, Christina and my book club threw me a special baby book shower so baby girl is on her way to having a nice collection of books.  Then in January Amanda and Stephanie hosted a 3rd OSS baby shower for us.  And last but not least, Susan organized a fun work shower for me where she made an amazing Mexican feast for everyone.  Thank you thank you thank you ladies and all of the guests that came to celebrate this baby girl!!!

Baby Shower Jan 2016

Look at this adorable cake made by Kay’s Cakery!


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