One year ago today Cole and I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska.  The place where we would call home for the next four years.  I remember feeling excited and overwhelmed when we arrived.  I knew that this was the next chapter in our lives and I wasn’t sure what it held.  The past year has been fun, adventurous, difficult, happy, sad, and cold.  Mostly just cold though lol.

We’ve gotten to visit amazing and beautiful places in Alaska and there are so many more places to see.  At the same time it has been very difficult when we couldn’t see friends and family during the holidays, when my aunts have been sick, and just this past week when my mom broke her foot.

Honestly, Alaska is a pretty nice place to live.  So many beautiful things to see, so many fun outdoorsy things to do.  If only I could move the state south about 3,000 miles…

Here’s to the next three years and to the many memories that I know Cole and I will make.

P.S. We have a spare bedroom if anyone wants to visit!! 🙂

6357.3 Miles!

6357.3 Miles!

IMG_5142 IMG_5140


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