My goodness it has been a while.  I’m actually pretty terrible at this blogging thing (not that I thought I would be good at it).  It’s been almost a year (WHAT?!) since our journey to Alaska and I’ve yet to complete the blogs dedicated to our road trip.  It will happen…eventually.  I’m not baking as much this summer so that I can enjoy the long days with Cole and any company we may have and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.  Incidentally enough, I am decorating cookies right now but thought I would jump on here quickly to say hello and that I haven’t given up on the blog all together.

So here are a few pics of the fun we’ve been having this summer.


Kayaking in Seward with Judy & Mike

me and whit

Celebration dinner with the BFF


Halibut Fishing in Homer


Family pic with the new RV, The Ruff Life!


And how I have been feeling this week…


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