April in Alaska

April has been a pretty busy month for Cole & I.  We celebrated our 4 year anniversary on April 12th!  We did a whale watching cruise, I traveled to Arkansas to see family and friends, and we were lucky enough to get fantastic photos of one ticked off moose!  Here’s a just a few pics, I would love to upload a hundred more but I picked some of the best ones.  Oh, we also got a fancy new camera and it takes amazing photos.  Hopefully the resolution doesn’t make the upload time of the blog lag too much.  Let me know if it does and I will adjust it. (Also, the photos didn’t upload in order…sorry about that!)

moose 2

Mad moose! You can see the hair standing up on her back. That’s not a good sign for anyone in her pathway.


A pair of orcas


She was bouncing around and charging in the water. It was neat to see but also scary.

Sea Otter 2

A very friendly sea otter

sea lions

Sea lions sunbathing


A dall’s porpoise swimming next to the ship

Dall & Mountain

Dall’s Porpoise

Moose & Mountain

I love this pic with the mountains and the moose

Alaska 4-11-15 1

Seward, AK 04-11-15

Alaska 4-11-15cole 4-26-15bridgett 4-26-15


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