Merry Christmas from Alaska!

Merry Christmas from the Ackers!

Bridgett & Cole in Front of Tree

This Christmas will be different than others because we aren’t in Arkansas around family and friends.  While this makes me very sad, I hope this will give us the opportunity to create some new, fun traditions for our little family.

Today we had the opportunity to go to a local reindeer farm.  It was so fun getting up close and personal with the reindeer!
Bridgett Feeding Reindeer

Bridgett & ReindeerCole Feeding Reindeer

Cole & Reindeer Reindeer

Dolly the Bison

Dolly the Bison

Ever wondered how to put a tree up and decorate it in one minute and nine seconds??

Christmas Tree

We may be far away but that doesn’t change that you are all in our hearts and thoughts during this Christmastime.  May you all have a merry Christmas with your family and friends, cherishing your time together.


Cole, Bridgett, Duff, & Leo

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Alaska!

  1. betty reichel says:

    Merry Christmas!! Love the pic of the tree beautiful job decorating. Reindeer are so cute. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love You

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