Termination Dust

Do you know what termination dust is?  No?  I didn’t either until today.  It is the phrase coined by Alaskans to describe the first snow that you see dusting the mountain tops.  “Termination” because it signals the termination of summer/fall and the beginning of winter.  Ugh.

So today I drive into Anchorage at 2:00 pm and drive back to Eagle River about 3:30 pm at no point did I see snow.  Cole comes home and asked me if I saw the snow on the mountains.  I assumed it wasn’t much or I would have noticed it, right?  Wrong!  I didn’t see it because it didn’t start falling until about the time I was heading back to Eagle River (or I’m assuming because that is when it was raining on the ground).  At 6:00 pm I’m driving back to base and I have a mini freak out because I see this…

Termination Dust

Termination Dust

Now I know 100% it wasn’t there earlier because I would have seen that.  I think it’s crazy that it fell so quickly!  I’m really not ready for winter and snow and cold!!!!

In other news, I debuted my cookies tonight at bunco and they were a hit.  Sugarcakes is going to take Alaska by storm (or sugar!)  I love the trees with the leaves falling from them.

Fall Cookies

Sugarcakes Designs Fall Cookies

Last but not least my mom and the pups will be in Alaska in about 40 hours (not that I’m counting or anything).  Yay!

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